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Hi ! I’m Merlin, and my artist name is Cloudjumper. I’ve been an artist for nearly 15 years now. I’m super curious and playful in the way I create and I always experiment with new styles and sounds. I love collaborating with other artists, and so get entangled in all kind of creative projects with others too.

I mainly work from my home studio, which keeps evolving and changing. (Here is a small snap shot form 2018.)  I work on Windows in Ableton Live, Reason Studio, and Cubase. 
I love trying out new gear and instruments, and with that my workflow is ever changing. I’m always learning new ways of working and am in constant “discovery mode”. Music is my favorite creative playground, alone and with others, and I hope my work, for some, is part of the magical thing,  touching hearts and sparking inspiration in meaningful ways, that we call music. 

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If you’d like to see what my creative process is like, and hear about all the little side projects and works in progress I work on, you can follow me here. I’m also always happy to see anyone just dropping in and saying “hi”.

My latest release

Gotta let you go

This Track is part of a bigger collaboration series, “The Wordless Collaboration”. It is about collaborating with visual artists, who are on the gifted/2e spectrum, like I am too. About speaking through art instead of words. And about embracing diversity.

It works like this: I write the song, the artist gets it and creates purely inspired by the song. No brief, no restrictions, any medium, however they want. When they feel they are done, they send the work to me, and it becomes the cover. Sometimes I ask for permission to do minimal editing for it to fit the cover format.

With this project I hope to create a different kind of collaboration in which we reflect and speak to each other through our creativity and creation. Connect without connecting in the traditional way, and create something that is more than the sum of its parts.

The artist I had the pleasure and honor to work with on this track is my dear friend and mentor Jennifer Harvey Sallin. She does many other amazing things too, so go check her out.

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